SPERI x Rome

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SPERI, always committed to contributing to the progress and well-being of the communities in which it operates, emerges as an active protagonist in the transformation of the city of Rome. With a constant commitment to Urban Regeneration and Sustainability, SPERI has carried out a series of projects that are shaping the face of the city and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. From the recovery of the spaces of the Ex-Poligrafico to the constant monitoring of over 300 bridges, including architectural gems such as the Viaduct of Corso Francia and the Foro Italico, for which SPERI ensures the safety and usability of the infrastructure, crucial for the city. SPERI has worked intensively for the Urban Regeneration of Municipality XI and to enhance public spaces in view of the Jubilee, both in the Vatican area and along the banks of the Tiber, creating welcoming and lively places for citizens and visitors. Among the most significant interventions, stand out the redevelopment of the Cosenza pavilion of the GNAM and the restoration of the church of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, both included in the PNRR projects. Projects such as the recovery of Palazzo degli Esami, the Majestic Hotel, the former Geological Institute, and the FAO Building demonstrate a tangible commitment to preserving the historical-artistic heritage of Rome and enhancing its resources. SPERI not only advances ideas but transforms them into concrete actions, with the aim of making Rome increasingly beautiful and livable for all, proudly contributing to the construction of the future of this extraordinary city.